Why Is It Hot In Here?

Saturday, December 15, 2018



Have you ever questioned God? Have you ever wondered why you had to go through certain things and where God was in the midst of it all? Well, welcome to the club! I think at some point we all have but I have come to realize that God works in seasons and sequences; He’s strategic. He does certain things and allows certain things to take place in our lives so that He can ultimately get the glory and to push us to be everything He created us to be.


In these tough seasons (which at times seems to last way TOO long) God is always working, orchestrating, preparing, and making your path clear. He is allowing these tough seasons to shape our character, build us up, and to strip us of everything that isn’t not like Him. Even if it’s a bad season that we have brought upon ourselves because of bad decisions He still promises to use it all for our benefit (Romans 8:28). Isn’t that good?


This reminds me of the giant sequoias, the world’s largest single tree. The great California Red Wood trees belong to this family. On average they’re 164–279 ft. tall and 20–26 ft. That’s massive but I can’t help to think of how these trees started off as seeds smaller than an oat and then turn out to be one of largest living things on Earth.


As I was being inquisitive about the sequoia trees and how exactly they come to be, I discovered something interesting. None of these trees can come to be without fire.  A sequoia seed comes from the cones on the sequoia tree and without fire it’s extremely difficult for the seeds to be released into the soil. With fire, the seeds are released from the cone and are able to successful reach the now rich soil to grow.


A sequoia tree - Photo by Andrew Jenkins on Unsplash 


Do you see where I am going with this? Our lives are sequoias people! We have good times and then we have times of fire but in those fires we are being pushed to grow large and strong. God wants you to be a like a sequoia, big, tall and strong in Him but he may use a trying season of fire to refine us (Psalm 66:10).  


So do not be discourage by trying seasons but trust and believe that God has you and knows what he is doing. Hold His hand! He wants what is best for you as His child and He will do whatever is necessary to get you there.


With Love,


Taylor Danielle

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