Cast Your Nets!

Thursday, February 1, 2018



When God gives you a dream or a goal to accomplish, He knows the end from the beginning. He knows how much work, training and time it will take. He also knows that failure is a part of the process but not the end. You may have a dream of opening up a bakery or finishing school and you may have tried and failed but as I said before failure is only a comma, not a period. LET DOWN YOUR NETS!!!


Friends many people give up on their dreams and goals because it has not happened in their time frame or it is not happening the way they had imagined it. For example when Jesus approached Simon- Peter and told him to “drop his nets,” Peter was like “Jesus, I have been out here all day fam, and I’m pretty sure there is nothing out there, but I’ll try again.” If you know this story then you know Peter and his fishermen friends had fished all day and had nothing to show for it.


I can only imagine how tired and exhausted and confused Peter was, but the key to him getting a catch was listening to the direction of God and casting his nets out again.


When they listened to Jesus and cast those nets one more time, they caught so many fish that their nets began to snap and break and they had to call for back up! Luke 5 says that all of their boats began to sink due to the enormous amount of fish that they caught and that they were in shock!


Listen, 2018 is the year of big catch and the open door! You may have tried some things in the past and failed but God is saying “Let down your nets,” again for the catch of a lifetime. Friends I do not know what doors you are believing God to open but I will say this, try again. Submit it again, apply for it again, and go for it AGAIN, CAST YOUR NETS!


Once Peter realized that he had the catch of lifetime, he began to worship Jesus! This speaks both practically and metaphorically. When you are operating in your gifts and accomplishing the things God has put in your heart, you can’t help but to Glorify God because you know He did it! People around you are watching you and waiting for you to cut out a path for them to follow that was ordained by God. God wants you to flourish and accomplish EVERYTHING he has placed in your heart because when you do He will surely be glorified.



With Love,


Taylor Danielle

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