Tips On Landing An Awesome Internship

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Me and the manager I had the pleasure of interning under at my graduation ceremony. Details on fit below.



Bonjour my friends! I know it has been a couple months since there has been a new blog post. I was crazy busy completing my internship but now that I have completed the program I have advice to share with you! This post is all about how to land the PERFECT internship for you.


1. Do your research- With me being in the fashion industry, there were so many different types of internship programs for me to choose from. I had to really dig deep and find out which program fit my goals and aspirations. My best advice would be to ask those who have been there and done that. Ask about the pros and cons of their experiences. Also see how the particular business/ company that you may potentially be interning with are doing. Are they "up" for the year, are they downsizing? Is the internship a payed internship? Do they plan on going public or are they a private entity? Knowing the answer to those type of questions will make you more knowledgeable and can prepare you for an interview. Utilize your professors, advisors and anyone you may know who already works in the field that your interested in. Lastly, do some research on YouTube, blog sites and website like Glassdoor.


2. Edit and fine tune your Resume/ Cover Letter

Having a strong resume is one the keys to finding the perfect internship for you. Many times your resume is the first impression you get to make on a potential employer so ensuring that it your resume is clean cut and fits the field that you plan on pursuing a career in is vital. I know that with me being in the business side of fashion industry my resume may be a little more clean-cut than a designer or an artist. Both fields are equally important but the resume styles are completely different. With that being said seek out advisors and peers who are willing to look over and edit your resume for you. The more people you have edit your resume the better. Take sound advice from others but if you get a gut feeling about somethings, listen!  

3.Apply and Be PATIENT

I felt the same way applying for internships as I did when I was applying for colleges. There is a lot of writing and time in between responses. For me I applied for just a few internships that I really felt were for me. The one I was truly set on at first, I didn’t get and I didn’t really understand why. After that I became very anxious as time began to run out for to land an internship for the summer but in all of that I had to remember to be patient and trust God. A few months before I had a dream that someone told exactly where I was supposed to do my internship. Well that company rejected me from the first program that I had applied to but a couple months later I landed an internship with the same company in a different program that I absolutely loved! So be persistent and patient!


4. Be persistent and take initiative

Like I said before I was rejected from the program that I thought was perfect for me but I got in with the same company in an even better program. If I was not persistent with search for an internship I may have missed out an amazing opportunity! Keep trying and knock until the door is opened! Another nugget of advice that I can offer you is to take initiative. For example, after I completed an interview I followed up with a thank you letter to the person who emailed me. Be aggressive (in a good way) and take initiative and charge of your future. Make phone calls, send emails, write letters and standout!


5. SEEK GOD- Last but not least, SEEK GOD in everything that you do! God wants to be involved in every part of your life. He is all knowing and wants nothing but the absolute best for His children. Look to Him when you don’t know what program to choose or where to start. The Bible says

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33

That “everything” includes an internship, so trust Him and keep going!


With Love,

Taylor Danielle








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