God Takes Care of Those Who Stay with Him

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Would you agree with idea that a main purpose for the four years after high school are for self-development?  In my case, these years of self-development have been spent in college. This has been a time for me to grow into the gifts that God has given me. I would personally stay away from the phrase “I came to college to find myself”, because my Nana always told me that I was never lost.


" I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me"– Philippians 4:13



My name is Marty Sullivan II and I am currently studying Advertising & Marketing Communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, NY. This was not always what I had in mind but remember, God Takes Care of Those Who Stay with Him. Right out of high school (Fall 2015) I began attending Sam Houston State University and even though I loved the school, that was not where I wanted to be. As a junior in high school, my eyes were set on going to FIT and studying Fashion Business Management. As you can tell this did not quite happen. I was placed on a waitlist for FIT and I never got off. So, during my first semester at SHSU, I reapplied for FIT and was accepted for that next semester. That following January (Spring 2016) I made the big move to New York, NY. I studied Fashion Business Management for one year and received my associates then I switched to studying advertising for my bachelors.


This mini summary of my college experience thus far leads me into why I have repeated the chosen title, God Takes Care of Those Who Stay with Him. When moving from a city in Texas to one of the busiest cities in the world there is a lot to consider. My focus was to keep my eyes GLUED to God and carry on. This turned out to be more of a challenge then I thought it would be. The biggest problem that I encountered was the lack of belief in the city. Compared to where I came from in Texas I saw such a big difference in the number of people who knew who God was or even had a sense of reverence for His name. I began to fall back in my duties that kept me grounded when I was home and surrounded by other believers. However, in the back of my mind was always the phrase, God Takes Care of Those Who Stay with Him. I cannot begin to explain all that God has done for me while being in New York, but just to name a few things:


  1. He knew that I needed a semester at SHSU before going to New York.

  2. He placed me in an extended family system of believers that worked to keep me grounded.

  3. He blessed me beyond belief in my status around campus (positions with the student government, residential life, student life, etc.)

After each blessing the thought always passed through my mind, God Takes Care of Those Who Stay with Him. My transition from Texas to New York was fueled and sponsored by God himself. I learned, personally, that he blesses His people beyond belief. People constantly ask me how I have so much favor. This in no way is my form of bragging, but I can testify that God opens doors that no man can shut and He also closes doors that no man can open.


I am not the only one using these post-high school years to develop my life. I pray that it is in all our hearts to stick with God by letting Him lead and guide us daily. Always remember like I did a phrase to keep you on the right path, God Takes Care of Those Who Stay with Him.


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