Don't Get Too Comfortable

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Comfort. The word just sounds soft a plush doesn’t it? However, comfort is not always a good thing my friend. Always being “comfy” can keep you from growing into everything you were created for. I don’t know about you but I want everything that God has for me and I want to be everything that he designed me to be. The only thing about that is it requires me to jump out of my comfort zone and completely trust His plan, even when it seems that there is no plan. I remember when I changed my major from business management to fashion merchandising. It was my second semester of college and I really wasn’t at peace with being a business major but I was comfortable. Long story short, I was introduced to fashion merchandising through a series crazy supernatural events and I eventually changed my major, but that didn’t come without some opposition.


Almost everyone I told was super excited for me and wanted to know more but I remember telling one of my classmates about my sudden enlightenment and to say the least they were very unimpressed. I remember her saying this “oh one of my friends just graduated with that degree and she is really struggling now.” My heart dropped and for about a day or so I thought “what have I gotten myself into!” I was so worried about being a failure in life and not having the means to support myself financially that I had forgotten who spoke to me in the first place! After a million and one thoughts raced through my mind, the Holy Spirit reminded me that He would never lead me astray.


Something rose up in me and I believed with all my heart that God had me covered no matter what! God is a good father who doesn’t want to see His children fail and doesn’t lead them somewhere to leave high and dry. The Bible says that God cannot fail (Romans 6:9), and that is what I believe! Today I’m a junior in college and I am loving my major. God has really opened my eyes to see some of the places He’s taking me but, it started with me leaving my comfort zone and trusting Him with my life. It is not always easy to trust the unseen God but just jump, he’ll catch you. Find a career path that you are passionate about because chances are God has hidden your destiny within that path.

Finally, your gift WILL make room for you (Proverbs 18:16) and that’s a promise from God himself! If you trust Jesus with your life I promise He will make it worth your while. I believe and know with all of my heart that if you are reading this that God has a purpose and a plan for your life and He wants to take you to amazing places but you have to trust Him.


With Love,

Taylor Danielle




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