Faith is the essence every soul should own at their core in order to attain extraordinary dreams. Faith and Fashion are woven into the very fabric that makes up Taylor McDaniel—a fashionista with a classic sense of style with a twist. She envisions sharing her heart and passion with a diverse group of women, her message; to have faith and look good while doing it. She was born to be a game-changer in the fashion industry. As a model, influencer, and blogger, her purpose is to gift the Taylor Danielle Blog (TDB) audience with a platform that encompasses the spirit of the modern day fashionista living on purpose.

TDB was birthed in 2016 from sheer determination, prayer, and love for all things fashionable. Taylor earned her B.A., in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Marketing from Sam Houston State University. The blog’s content will be lively, youthful, refreshing, positive, informative, and one that will encourage readers to share what they’ve read on and off-line with others. Taylor desires to influence the TDB audience to take immediate action to do and be more after experiencing her. As a result of reading her blog and living vicariously through her Instagram account, her hope is that women will walk and talk differently—living fashionably on purpose and ready to conquer their own dreams. This is all about the gift of reciprocity, and by sowing the seeds necessary to positively impact the world through intentional living and the world of fashion.

This blog is for every woman to live passionately, confidentially and purposefully.



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